Where have I been?

I could write this lengthy apology post about how I’m sorry that I haven’t made a post in six months, that I just got too caught up and busy with life, that I promise to be more on top of things, filled with excuses and empty gestures galore. You know how it goes. But you don’t wanna hear that and I don’t wanna write that. So I won’t. But I will briefly explain.

My last post was uploaded circa January of this year. After that, I kinda went AWOL (sorry). If you’re looking for a unique, super-justifiable explanation, you won’t get one. I just got really busy with work, friends, and winter semester in general. I put writing in general on the backburner. I haven’t even written personally for myself all that much let alone publicly. So don’t take it personal y’all. I haven’t forgotten about you. Just a mini hiatus I suppose.

But if you know me, you know that I can’t not write. I like to think some of you guys as my readers have gotten to know me at least a little. Writing is literally how I breathe. And frankly, ya girl’s been oxygen deprived for about six months now. I’m basically dead.

What really has killed me has been not being able to write for myself. I keep a journal (because I’m a walking cliché) that I update with life events, what’s going on, thoughts, feelings… It’s just kind of my record keeper and safe space. It brings me peace even if I’m just writing about everything I did within the past week and nothing too deep. Keeping track of myself and my life in a private space with no judgement or outward influence as well as being able to confide also keeps me sane. Guess what I haven’t been lately? Sane. Ha.

But that’s going to change, and regardless, it’s beside the point. Before I up and disappeared, I had all these awesome ideas for my blog that never got to see the light of day when I got sidetracked. I still have those ideas. They’re on their way.

Almost a year since this blog was created. Now’s a better time than ever for a little reinvention and fresh start to things. Think of it as aswrittenbyjess 2.0. It’s coming. Get ready.

xoxo Jess


4 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. I relate a hundred percent to this post, even if it IS a little ways in the past! I’m gonna read on and find out what v2.0 was (is) like! ❤️

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