The Loudest Voice

I told you guys last month to get ready for new content. It’s time. I’m starting a new section of my blog (along with probably others to come in the future) devoted to my faith. I’ve been messing with the idea for a while, and I think it’s something I really want to write about as I see it being a positive and reflective experience for myself as well as potentially beneficial to my readers. Plus it’s a really big part of me you guys have yet to see. Not your cup of tea? Totally okay. Although, I’d recommend you give at least one post a chance because you simply never know.

No, my blog isn’t turning into a religious blog that’s gonna be spewing Jesus all the time. I’m just expanding my existing content and adding this type of post to it. If you guys have learned anything from exploring my page, it’s that I am a woman of many interests and layers. This, while by far the deepest and most important one to me, is just one of them, and you can look forward to a wide variety of posts in the near future, both similar to previous posts and new ones I’ve yet to make. And ones like the one you’re about to (hopefully) read. So get excited.


Today, I was able to go to church, which has sadly become a rarity for me given my hectic work schedule. I’ve been suffering a deficiency in Vitamin JC if ya get what I mean… (I’m so sorry I promise I’ll never make such a lame pun again, maybe). On the real though, I had forgotten the effects church can have on you, your inner peace, and your state of mind. Today, I was able to feel that again, that much needed complete, whole, and peaceful feeling.

Because the truth is, I’ve been struggling a lot lately with myself. Who isn’t? Fighting off your inner demons is a hard battle, but it is a necessary one as well as one possible of winning when you have the Lord on your side. During the service today, I prayed to Him. It’s weird when you get those thoughts that pop into your head without warning, exactly when you need them. It was like all of a sudden I knew what to ask God because He told me what to ask Him? Kind of hard to explain. And so I prayed. I asked God today to be the loudest voice in my head. The voice that prevails over all others. The voice worth most listening to. The voice so loud it is compelling in the most powerful way. I realized today that that’s what I wanted God to do for me. I wanted my faith in and connection to Him to be so strong that His voice would flood my mind, and in turn, my heart. His voice is the most important voice in my head, it deserves to skyrocket in volume and be heard by me. Not just heard, but it deserves action to be taken by me. That’s what I kind of mean by compelling. I want God’s will to radiate in His voice in such a way that I am captivated wholeheartedly. I want it to compel me in ways that I lose all evil desire to stray off track and sin. So compelling that I myself choose to follow Him and do His work. I find this difficult to explain, but I hope it’s making sense. His voice should silence and take precedence over all the others that are leading me in the wrong direction.

I know that I can’t put all the weight on God–for Him to make His voice louder for me. He is waiting for all of us to seek Him and come home to Him. He chose us a long time ago. He sent his one and only Son to this earth and died for us. He spoke already. His voice has been heard. It is on me to listen and follow it. But when you’re weak and worship an all powerful God, you pray for that extra help sometimes. I take comfort in that He is there to give it to me. We want the same things. He’s on my side when it comes to me following Him and my desire to serve Him. The cards are all in my favor.

His hand, extended out for me, within my grasp. Me, desperately reaching for it.


“The voice of the LORD is powerful; the voice of the LORD is majestic.” Psalm 29:4


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