God, insomnia, and resumés

Tuesday night, I spent the hours between 8pm and midnight in an anxious, doubtful frenzy. I’ve officially started my postgrad job search. I thought I knew what to expect based on the stories I’ve heard from my friends who jumped right into it right after college. I, who took a short break on the other hand, didn’t realize how intimidating and stressful it was going … Continue reading God, insomnia, and resumés

Life’s possibilities and making hard decisions

I get my inspiration from rainy, late night drives. Sometimes I get it from having a few too many drinks. Sometimes, it just hits me out of nowhere. But I’m almost always never in a good place to record it or write it down when it strikes, and then it flees from my mind and becomes a lost memory. And I’ve had quite a few … Continue reading Life’s possibilities and making hard decisions

Vents by Jess: Getting hurt and knowing when to step back

Taking a little break from some of the beauty content you all have seen on here lately and switching gears back into my thought-provoking, analytical diary entri– I mean, blog posts. I felt compelled to write on this topic not only because of its relevance to my life, but also to kind of… brag a bit? That’s confusing without context. Let me explain. The last … Continue reading Vents by Jess: Getting hurt and knowing when to step back

Just say it.

Something I have learned in recent months that has benefitted me to no end is the importance of being direct and straightforward in communicating your thoughts and feelings as well as addressing problems. I mean, we all know communication is key, but it’s one thing to know it and another to experience its implementation in a crucial or serious scenario in your own life. I … Continue reading Just say it.