Graduating during a pandemic and a 2020 reflection.

To say that this last year didn’t go as planned would be the understatement (and cliché) of the century. Saying that only scratches the surface. In reality, 2020 has left me with an abundance of mixed thoughts and emotions that I’ve spent the last couple months (if not longer) trying to unpack and make sense of. Before I even get into any of that and … Continue reading Graduating during a pandemic and a 2020 reflection.

The Blogger Recognition Award

A lovely thank you to both Aqsa and Liv for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! Not only am I honored that they think I’m deserving, but I highly recommend you check out their fabulous blogs as well. They’re both great at what they do, and I enjoy reading their posts. The rules of The Blogger Recognition are: Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide … Continue reading The Blogger Recognition Award