What’s on my Lush wishlist

One of my current favorite YouTubers, Jaclyn Forbes, posted a video not too long ago of her online shopping on the Lush website and doing a haul of the items. It was one of those videos that you enjoy a little too much because you’re kind of living vicariously through it.

I’ve set foot in a Lush store a few times here and there, but have never been an avid shopper of their products. Partially because the closest store to me isn’t all that close, but mostly because my current lifestyle doesn’t really support it. However, I’ve always been a fan, admiring their soaps and bubble bars from afar.

If you haven’t heard of Lush before, they are a cosmetic retailer based in the United Kingdom that is probably most famous for their bath products. Lush carries everything from bath bombs to shampoo to face masks. It’s a hygiene and fragrance fanatic’s dream come true.

What’s more is that the brand is very conscious of important cosmetic principles such as being cruelty-free, mostly vegan, handmade, and sustainable packaging. Kind of revolutionary.

Anywaaaays, what I was getting at is that after watching this video I was feeling really inspired and hopped onto the Lush website to window shop (virtually) and I came up with a list of six products that I’d put on my wishlist of things to purchase sometime in the future.

1. Sex Bomb ($7.95 USD)

This bath bomb not only leaves a beautiful hot pink hue in your bath water, but smells amazing with fragrant notes of jasmine and ylang ylang. Plus, it’s super moisturizing!

2. Tea Tree Water (starts at $10.95 USD)

I have a vivid memory of misting the tester on my face one of the first few times I visited a Lush store that I just can’t shake. Plus my oily, acne-prone skin would love this.

3. The Comforter ($12.95 USD)

For those unfamiliar with Lush’s bubble bars, basically you crumble this underneath running water and you get one super cool bubble bath. This bar happens to be a bestseller, and it smells of bergamot, black currant, and cypress. Definitely makes the list.

4. Buffy (starts at $12.95 USD)

This one is a cult classic that has been talked about for years. I’ve always been so intrigued by a solid body scrub that moisturizes. Gets rid of dead skin and nourishes? Total package. Will definitely try this one at some point in the future.

5. Sleepy (starts at $9.95 USD)

Definitely cheating by putting this one on the list because I don’t even care about it being a shower gel. This is my all time favorite scent I have ever smelled from Lush. Without a doubt. I am a sucker for lavender and promises of sweet dreams and relaxation.

Luckily, this fragrance comes in many forms such as lotion and bath products. I’d take any of them. They all make the list. I just really love how this smells, ok?

6. Curly Wurly (starts at $11.95 USD)

As someone who has struggled with managing her curly hair her entire life and is constantly trying new products, I couldn’t make this list without including Curly Wurly. I would love to see what this could do for hydrating my dry hair, giving my curls shape, and doing away with frizz!


Let me know if you would like to see more wish lists from different retailers and brands. Don’t forget to comment down below and tell me what your favorite Lush products are or what you would pick!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Images found on https://www.lushusa.com/.


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