Thoughts on ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’

Die-hard fans (such as myself) found themselves back in Stars Hollow catching up with our favorite dynamic duo once more as of November 25th. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t binge watch the whole thing in one sitting until it was nearly two in the morning. Because I did all right, and let me tell you. Sleep deprivation + the last four words = oh my.

Years of speculation regarding what the infamous last four words Amy Sherman-Palladino had in mind to end her beloved series with were, which she could not do for the original series given she was not signed on for its final season, are now put to rest because now finally, the whole world knows. And it’s kind of in shock.

I’m not going focus too much on the last four words, nor am I going to put them in this post out of respect for the creators’ wishes and the people who have yet to revisit our favorite girls (seriously, what are you people doing, get on it); however, I will say that in spite of the jaw-dropping, cliffhanger ending receiving much criticism, which does not surprise me in the slightest, it brings everything full circle making it either the perfect wrap-up to leave it there or the perfect segue into what could mean more episodes, more excitement, and more questions answered. I’m hoping for the latter, but even if that doesn’t come to fruition, creatively, I am understanding. And overall just grateful that we got these four episodes because I’ve been looking forward to them all year.

What I found interesting (and slightly disorienting) are the lifestyle differences due to the amount of time that has passed. I mean, we left Rory when she was freshly graduated from Yale and now she is about as old as Lorelai was at the start of the original series, so some time has definitely passed. And it shows. Luke’s has WiFi now?! Not that he’s giving anyone the real password as Taylor so kindly explained to his internet obsessed customers. So many social media references. The girls carrying around smartphones and taking videos is beyond weird to me. Even Emily, who couldn’t work a computer for the life of her during the original run, is now texting. What happened to beepers, pagers, and flip phones?!

I think this time gap is most prominent, however, with showcasing the dying field of journalism, which fuels a major part of Rory’s storyline throughout the revival. We find Rory Gilmore fresh off of a high point in her journalism career. She had just written a very successful piece for The New Yorker, and then, she peaked. She finds herself in a rut career-wise that involves lots of failed endeavors and moving back home until someone from her past advises her to try writing a book about her life. I won’t say who, but I will say I think this was a subtle, but crucial moment for the revival as it was very reminiscent of Rory almost dropping out of Yale and getting called out on her bullsh*t in the original series by someone who knew her well enough to guide her when she was at her worst in a way no one else ever could. Going to leave it at that.

And now to address the elephant in the room: Rory’s current love life. A major part of the anticipation for the revival was pondering who Rory would end up with in the revival. Dean? Jess? Logan? Someone else? No one?! WE NEEDED ANSWERS. Everyone was so divided, and being honest, I was more Team Logan, but I shipped Rory with all of them at one point as she progressed throughout her life. Jess is very good for her in ways that Logan will never be. He was also pretty bad at times, but we see just how much he’s grown in the revival and even towards the end of the original series. Dean, I’d have to say, while the most loyal and caring of the three, doesn’t really have a place in her life anymore, which is also kind of obvious through his brief appearance in ‘Fall’ and not just my personal opinion. What Rory said about how she views him and the first love thing during their short conversation struck a chord with me.

So which of our three favorite guys does Rory end up with? None of them, really. This probably upset a lot of people (even me if we’re being honest), but it’s not the worst thing in the world and a part of me was kind of expecting it. Rory was always ambitious and career driven, and it shows now more than ever. I mean, isn’t that the reason she initially rejected Logan’s marriage proposal (aka broke my heart)? It makes sense for Rory to be alone in a way and to be revisited by her former love interests without diving right back into where she left off with them. Living changes and grows people. There weren’t any hard feelings by the looks of it. What doesn’t make sense is Paul. Like what? Shortly into ‘Winter’ they mention him and how forgettable he was and I was just like no. Rory why? She just strung him along for the whole revival like it was nothing. It doesn’t seem Rory-esque. Furthermore, the fact that Rory was so okay about her affair with Logan like she learned nothing from cheating with Dean in her past. I really would have liked to see her and Logan either rekindling their romance and ultimately ending up together or just as friends who have nothing but love and respect for each other and just wanted to catch up. This fling they had going on fed my favorite ship, but ultimately didn’t satisfy anything. And had me wishing Odette wasn’t a thing.

So yes, I squealed when each of the boys made their first appearances. Not gonna lie. Other highlights for me included anything and everything to do with Paris. Honestly, that woman is a powerhouse character. I missed her perfectly executed, witty comments and cutthroat, intimidating personality. That “defective uterus” comment had me dying. She ended up exactly where we expected her to: successful and crazy as ever. I did expect her to end up with Doyle. They were so perfect for each other and definitely had a unique relationship. That’s for sure. However, I’m not mad at the whole divorce thing either. Nor am I completely surprised. Then we can’t ignore Lorelai’s phone conversation with her mom where she fixed her wrongs and poured her heart out about her dad in true wordy, long-winded Lorelai fashion. Sweetest. Resolution. Ever. Also, I would not be doing just if I wrote this post without even mentioning The Life and Death Brigade. That. Scene. Was. Everything. Seeing Logan, Collin, Robert, and Finn causing mischief once more… somethings never change. And the fact that they did it all for Rory makes it all the more special. Then again, I could be biased because ‘You Jump, I Jump, Jack’ was my favorite episode from the original series because of The Life and Death Brigade (and the Logan and Rory feels). In Omnia Paratus!

I don’t know whether to call this a highlight or not, but it would not be right to not talk about Richard Gilmore’s death, a super important and dark part of the revival. It was a wonderful way to pay tribute to Edward Herrmann and his character as he is someone the fans miss terribly as well I’m sure the cast. His death also provided a lot of depth to the show since it was the main source of tension between Lorelai and Emily this time around. It also provided foundation for a major arc in Emily’s character and her development. Emily is still as pretentious, snobby, and meticulous as ever, but grieving the loss of her husband shows us a different side of her that was portrayed very well. It is something she struggles with throughout the four-part series, but come ‘Fall’, she finally is starting to pick herself up and is a changed woman. I never thought I’d live to see the day Emily Gilmore thought the DAR was full of bullsh*t. Who could have guessed?

Onto some faults… MORE. SOOKIE. I know her storyline was for the most part to explain why they couldn’t get the ever busy Melissa McCarthy for more than a brief scene, but it still didn’t make much sense. I don’t think Sookie would have gave up on the inn or Lorelai like that to pursue something that seemed more up Jackson’s alley. Or cooking. Come on, that was her entire life and what she loved to do. I loved when she came back, but I just wished she was there the whole time. Emily selling the classic Gilmore house in Hartford made me sad. That house was like a dream filled with memories. I know that it’s not a big deal and it makes sense for her to do that, but I’m just sentimental and whiny. Which is also why I was bummed that we didn’t get to see Luke’s apartment. Also, Tristan was totally irrelevant. There was no need to bring him back for a split second for Paris to have a meltdown (which also didn’t make sense) especially since they replaced him and didn’t get Chad Michael Murray to play him. He had no significant role plus it wasn’t the original actor, so I would have just left him out entirely. Also, his being at Chilton didn’t make sense given he never graduated from there and became an alum, but whatever. Lastly, what was up with that musical storyline/ scene that lasted eons? Not even gonna get into that. Least favorite part.

The one thing I think that we can all agree on that made the revival for us, aside from seeing that Mr. Kim actually exists, was Luke and Lorelai. I’m telling you, they were soulmates from the get-go. When I began with ‘Winter’ and saw they were still together, I was beyond happy. Then they got married and I was even happier. I could write an entire essay about perfect they are for each other and how Luke was always meant to be in their lives, but it’s so unnecessary because everyone sees it without me explaining it. They’re a perfect match with a happy ending. And now it’s official. And we’re all ecstatic.

I just want to say thank you to the cast of Gilmore Girls for reviving the magic that is this show even if it was only for a brief moment in time. Thank you for somehow managing to set aside your crazy schedules and get together and allow us to revisit Stars Hollow and our favorite characters once more. It was in the little things from Doose’s Market to Hep Alien jams to Emily and Lorelai fights to the gazebo to Chilton to the festivals. My heart is warm and I feel complete. And lastly, thanks to Amy Sherman- Palladino for being one badass writer. You’re a genius, and your cast did not fail to deliver. Where you led, we followed. Here’s hoping for more to come.


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