God, insomnia, and resumés

Tuesday night, I spent the hours between 8pm and midnight in an anxious, doubtful frenzy. I’ve officially started my postgrad job search. I thought I knew what to expect based on the stories I’ve heard from my friends who jumped right into it right after college. I, who took a short break on the other hand, didn’t realize how intimidating and stressful it was going … Continue reading God, insomnia, and resumés

Life’s possibilities and making hard decisions

I get my inspiration from rainy, late night drives. Sometimes I get it from having a few too many drinks. Sometimes, it just hits me out of nowhere. But I’m almost always never in a good place to record it or write it down when it strikes, and then it flees from my mind and becomes a lost memory. And I’ve had quite a few … Continue reading Life’s possibilities and making hard decisions

Letter to My Current Self

Dear current self, I have been avoiding writing this letter (even though I’ve been meaning to get around to it) simply because it’s going to be a tough one. It’s not easy to talk to yourself in this way. It takes a certain amount of intense introspection that, frankly, knowing how I am, not only terrifies and intimidates me, but exhausts me as well. And … Continue reading Letter to My Current Self

Letter to My Younger Self

To a younger Jess… To the Jess who thought she was not beautiful. To the Jess who was absolutely convinced she would never find love. To the Jess who dreamed endlessly and dangerously. This is to you. You’re not ugly. I know middle school is filled with insecurities and negative opinions of your physical appearance. I know that you are beyond convinced that you are nowhere … Continue reading Letter to My Younger Self