8 tips to navigate working from home successfully

Because let’s face it—the work from home life is here to stay. Never did I envision that my entrance into the corporate world as a young twenty something would entail a home office and a commute from my bed to my desk, but the pandemic has left us with just that. Don’t get me wrong now. Working from home has been incredible for a large … Continue reading 8 tips to navigate working from home successfully

God, insomnia, and resumés

Tuesday night, I spent the hours between 8pm and midnight in an anxious, doubtful frenzy. I’ve officially started my postgrad job search. I thought I knew what to expect based on the stories I’ve heard from my friends who jumped right into it right after college. I, who took a short break on the other hand, didn’t realize how intimidating and stressful it was going … Continue reading God, insomnia, and resumés